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Hopes Die Last

post-hardcore screamo emocore hardcore emo

Following the footsteps of bands such as Underoath and From First To Last, Hopes Die Last are contenders for the winning formula in the post-hardcore scene. Mixing gorgeous guitar licks and towering drum patterns, as well as a duel-vocal approach; Hopes Die Last showcase a perfect blend of aggressive vocal stamina and fine-tuned lyrical matter, providing a healthy foreground for the exhaustive backdrop on which they perform. The band is made up of five kids: becko, daniele, marco, ivan, and jacopo. For them, it's not about being in the hall of fame; it's all about screwing around and being teenagers.
In July 2008, Nick, the screamer, announced through the band's myspace page that he was quitting the band to pursue other interests.

Hopes Die Last are not to be confused with Dallas, Texas based metal band Hope Dies Last, which formed in 2004.

Hopes Die Last are from Italy.

Their album Six Years Home was released in August 2009.
Ther second album Trust No One was released in February 2012.
Their EP Wolfpack was released in June 2013.

Current members:
Daniele Tofani - unclean vocals (since 2009)
Marco Mantovani - lead guitar, clean vocals (since 2004)
Luigi Magliocca - rhythm guitar (since 2008)
Yuri Santurri - bass (since 2015)
Danilo Menna - drums, percussion (since 2015)

Former members:
Marco "Becko" Calanca - bass, keyboards,clean vocals (2004-2015)
Ivan Panella - drums, percussion (2004-2015)
Valerio "Nekso" Corsi - keyboards, electronics (2013)
Nicolò "Nick" Arquilla - lead vocals (2004-2008)
Jacopo Iannariello - rhythm guitar (2004–2008)

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