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Holy Cross Choir

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the choir started a long time ago when the church itself was established, by pastor Ndlovu. after seeing that the congregation to which he preached was too small for his target, he decided that he would start a choir and release tyhe message of God to his people around the globe.

in 1983 the first album titled THOLAND LE MAMELE was released, produced by the late B.T Mokhethi.

the choir USSUALLY RELEASED TWO SETS OF ALBUMS, one focused on the Nguni listeners and one focused on the Basotho listeners.

the first choir to be invited over seas form south africa in 1984/5.

the lead singers Morakane and Seipati are the best vocalists to ever sing, they sang almost alike, but the biggest fans like myself can differentiate their voices.

their last release was in 2006 with the album Calvary.

their best release was Umoya wami, not the song but the whole album, which featured hits like Ngena nathi, their best song ever, and lizwi, the latest fan favorite.

more than 20 albums were released by the choir

Holy Cross Choir has published photos.