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There are multiple bands with this name.

1. Hive a.k.a. Michael Petrie (born December, 1974) is a Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and record label owner who has contributed to dozens of recordings in the drum and bass musical genre. His Violence Recordings label is regarded as the premiere drum-and-bass label in the United States. His mixes have been used throughout popular media, although he is not particularly well known. Hive is on the Matrix soundtrack, and his songs are also used in several television shows. He has produced four albums, his latest being "Bedlam" which he released in 2002.

2. Hive are a blackgaze/post-black metal band based in Victoria, British Colombia who released their debut EP, Reacher, in 2014. They play a very lo-fi and bass-driven type of blackgaze similar to An Autumn For Crippled Children, as opposed to more cleanly produced blackgaze artists such as Deafheaven and Alcest. All of their releases can be found for free on their bandcamp page:

3. Hive are a crust punk band from Minneapolis, MN.

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