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atmospheric black metal black metal depressive black metal norwegian Norwegian Black Metal

Hinsidig is an Atmospheric Black Metal act from Norway/Germany signed on Blut und Eisen/WTC

"The new act of depressive Black Metal hails from Norway/Germany, whose members come from Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Total Hate and Armageddon. Hinsidig mixes the North folk elements along with a great deal of clear back vocals based on the lines of primitive Black Metal, sounding like Ulver from their early era. The inspirational instrumental arrangement and melancholic melodies can also be easily related to Nyktalgia and Wolves In The Throne Room. Highly recommended! "
-Pest Productions

(I) - Vocals, guitar, keyboards
(II) - Bass and backing vocals
(0) - Drums

"After their debut demo” Bak og Forbi…”, Fimbul and Winterheart return with Hinsidig’s first full-length album entitled "I en Tidløs Høst". The album, coming as a Digi CD with 12 paged booklet, includes 6 mystical tracks (+ one cover-version) of gloomy and eerie excellently produced Black Metal, with a playing time of over 56 minutes. Hinsidig evokes a reminiscent yet unique and distinct mood and renders homage to the cold northern darkness. Experience this manifold masterwork of grim bitterness, longing melancholy and resigned despair.

… til massens fortapelse!"
-Blut und Eisen Productions

Hinsidig has published photos.