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1) Hinder is a group inspired by music that was formed in Oklahoma City in July 2001 when guitarist Joe Garvey and drummer Cody Hanson discovered Austin Winkler singing for a band at a college dorm party. "I heard him and was blown away," said Cody. "He has the kind of charisma very few people have and that unique voice. You can't really compare him to anybody." Hinder's perhaps best known for their number one smash "Lips Of An Angel".

The band is notably influenced both by as well as by dirty and , with several critics noting their debt to Guns n' Roses. Cut to almost five years later after Winkler met the guys, and Hinder built a healthy regional following. They released an independent album, titled 'Far From Close', which sold out several thousands of copies. The band was the object of an honest-to-goodness bidding war between three different major labels that resulted in its major label debut, titled 'Extreme Behavior', coming out to much commercial success in 2005.

True to the group's origins in Austin Winkler's cover band, Hinder has released several of songs that have inspired the band. Examples include "Bed of Roses" (by Bon Jovi), "Born to be Wild" (by Steppenwolf), "Take Me Home Tonight" (by Eddie Money), and "Thunderstruck" (by AC/DC). Their debut album included the huge hit (and perhaps their best known original song) "Lips Of An Angel", and said album has been triple-platinum certified by the RIAA.

Although receiving mixed to negative critical reviews for 'Extreme Behavior', setting up a pattern for them as being critical whipping boys, "Lips of an Angel" was a smash. It topped both the Top 40 Pop Radio Chart and the Digital Download Chart, also putting the group on the top of multiple radio, video and digital charts including Yahoo, iTunes, and MSN. Facing near impossible expectations put on them, with rambunctious live performances stoking the flames, Hinder's sophomore album, 'Take It To The Limit', proved somewhat of a commercial disappointment by comparison. However, the group still moved hundreds of thousands of records and featured a strong -esque sound that many fans loved.

The band was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2007. After the release of 'Take It To The Limit' in 2008 and 'All American Nightmare' in 2010, though, issues between frontman Winkler and the rest of the band had taken their toll. Finally, on November 20, 2013, it was announced via Loudwire that the band had parted ways with Winkler, the statement saying that there was no animosity towards him but that they just felt it was time to move on. The former Hinder singer has had struggles placing him in rehab before. Saving Abel’s Jared Weeks has often played with the re-jiggered group, and their future is somewhat uncertain though with more studio material promised as of early 2015 (with ex-producer Marshal Dutton being their current singer).

'Far From Close' (2003)
'Extreme Behavior' (2005)
'Take It To The Limit' (2008)
'All American Nightmare' (2010)
'Welcome to the Freakshow' (2012)
'When the Smoke Clears' (2015)

2) Hinder is a band from Netherlands. They have released a full length album, Doodendraad in 2017.

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