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High Watt Crucifixers

heavy metal metal indie rock hardcore

High Watt Crucifixers harness a new brand of power, brewing pure Marshall tone and relentless, “John Henry” style drumming into a uniquely toxic-mix that has taken them straight to the top of the Austin rock scene. They dominate legendary venues like Emo’s and all that surrounds it with their visceral and explosive live shows. High Watt commands the attention of any onlookers with a kinetic buzz that shouts like Motorhead just finished a bag of methamphetamines and was joined by Tony Iommi on the way to Hell.

Front man Rich Mendez lights the blues on fire through a wailing Les Paul and a raucous yet melodious howl that makes the microphone melt, while second guitarist Mario Alvarez screams through his own demonic crunch with blazing, Maiden drenched riffs. The formidable powerhouse that is the rhythm section includes Jason Westbrook on bass and Chris Alaniz on drums, which is also a standing member of punk-metal icons AMEN, fronted by the Grammy-winning, screaming bleeder known as Casey Chaos.

HWC’s self-titled debut means whiplash for anyone who can hold onto the disc long enough to not get burned. “Easy Action”, a track from their exciting new LP can be heard on the acclaimed “Sons of Guns IV” compilation, anchored to the cover of Issue 133 of the infamous Classic Rock Magazine. This refreshing and radical, 10-song kick in the teeth will demand that your stereo is on permanent repeat.

High Watt Crucifixers are here and the march towards Rock n' Roll Salvation has begun. These are the gathering disciples bent on the mission of spreading the gospel. They have indeed only just been born into the world of Rock n' Roll and they have every intention of saving it. The Crucifixers are here to stay.

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