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Helena Zeťová

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Helena was born on November 11th 1980 in Valasske Mezirici. She lived her childhood in Beskydy mountains and as a proper mountain girl, at the age of fifteen she decided to leave her home for performing music – the love of her life. During the years 1996 – 1998 she performed concerts with her rock band. Afterwards she left to Lanzarote Island, Spain, where she sang with an American band. She made a trip to the Czech Republic for one week, doing the TV show “DO-RE-MI” which changed her destiny and made her to stay back in the Czech Republic.

Helena Zetova and Black Milk

She met Tereza Cernochova and Tereza Kerndlova for the first time in October 2000 while shooting for Nova TV. Few months later an idea to make a song together came up (“I’m So Excited” from Pointer Sisters) which lead them to their debut album. After “DO-RE-MI” show they were asked by Daniel Hadl to work with him. He became co-author and producer of the album “Black Milk”. The work on the album was started on April 2001 and it was released in June 2002.

First single from this album “Modrej dym” became a hit within a night and was played by more then 50 radio stations (4th place of IFPI – radios 2002) and was on the top of radio hit parades. Black Milk girls were introduced as guest singers at Helena Vondrackova’s tour in 2002 and they impressed all. There excellence outshined all others during “Queens of the Pop” at Prague State Opera. At the end of the year they were awarded as discovery of the year at “Cesky slavik” .Their video clip “Par napadu” was doing well at ESO hit parade too. Years 2002 and 2003 were full of shows all over the Czech Republic and they were introduced to the Slovak public and fans, such as on Markíza TV they were as foreign guests at “Andel 2002” (similar to American Grammy Awards) or at Miss Slovakia 2003. Then They had opportunity to perform in front of 5-7000 people during five sold out concerts at big sports halls, as guests of Russian duo Tatu, which was a big experience for them.
In April 2003 they became Discovery of the Year in the category of pop music by Czech Academy and got nominated by them for The Best Album of the Year award. The album was platinum. Next album “Sedmkrat” was edited at the end of the year 2003 and even before Christmas was already a golden disc. All these were the reasons to make concert tours around the Czech cities during coming year’s spring. Half of the 8 concerts were sold out and tour was a big success. It was helpful for the second album to be platinum as well.

With growing popularity and numbers of concerts increasing, showed up differences between the group members and they decided to split their partnership on March 31st 2005. Their last performance was during Miss Slovakia on April 9th 2005 in Bratislava.

Helena Zetova 2005/2006

After splitting from Black Milk in March 2005 Helena stopped performing and prepared herself for half a year and recorded her first solo album. It was edited in October 2005 titled as “Ready To Roll”. In November and December 2005 she did concerts with new solo program. At “Cesky Slavik” awards she got the title “Surprise of the Year”. Her first single “Unstoppable (Impossible) is at 3rd place in Czech radio’s official hit parade and at 1st place between Czech singers. The sales of her solo album is doing well too and on IFPI January list it is at 6th place. She started to think about her concert tour during the spring or to wait until the next album’s release which is due in the fall of this year. This question became clear with the offer of the Slovak group “No name”. They invited Helena as guest singer for their tour. In April Helena is starting 12 concerts with her band in the Czech Republic which culminates on May 2nd 2006 in Prague Sazka Arena. In February 2006 Helena is nominated by The Czech Academy of pop music as “Best Female Singer of the Year 2005”.

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