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Helena Vondráčková

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Helena Vondráčková (born June 24, 1947, Prague) is a famous Czech singer whose career has spanned five decades. Remarkably Vondráčková remained popular after Czechoslovakia's transition in the early 90s, a feat managed by few Czechoslovak artists. She is also exceptional as a Czech singer for having achieved some limited international musical success.

Vondráčková was born on June 24, 1947 in Prague, Czech Republic. She is the daughter of Blažena and Jiří Vondráček. Much of her childhood was spent in the Bohemian village of Slatiňany.

In addition to singing, Vondráčková has written several books (mostly autobiographical) and has appeared in several Czechoslovak and Czech films. She is a friend of Maryla Rodowicz, the Polish pop-star. In 1977 Helena won the first prize at the Sopot Festival (Poland) with her biggest hit Malovaný džbánku. She sings in Czech, Polish, German, Russian, Japanese and English.

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