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    The group Harlej was formed around 1995. Their musical genre is . The founders Vladimír Šafránek and Antonín Rauer are the authors of many rhythmical melodies which are put together with lyrics by Tomáš Miřacký to give the band their originality.

    The band is also composed of guitar player Ota Hereš (also a member of the group Alkehol), drummer Daniel Šůra, and bass player Vítek Fiala. In the year 1995 they came out with their debut album Aj mena ou bejby hel.

    In the year 2002, the band changed their composition and only the founders remained. New members came from Debustrol – bass player Kolins, guitar player Martin Volák and drummer Libor Fanta. With the new members changes also the style of the music. Another successful CD came out.
    In the year 2006, Vláďa Šafránek left the group and Tomáš Hrbáček took his place.

    2012 Teleskopický tele
    2011 Máme vlka
    2010 Harlejland
    2008 University
    2006 Čtyři z punku a pes
    2004 Když chválím, tak sebe
    2002 Musíme se pochválit, máme auto z Mostu
    2000 Zastavte tu vodu
    1998 Hárlejova Kometa
    1997 Harlej Krišna
    1995 Aj Mena Ou Bejby Hel

    Group today:
    Antonín "Tonda" Rauer - guitar player
    Tomáš Hrbáček - singer
    Martin Volák - guitar player
    Kolins - bass player
    Libor Fanta - drummer

    Harlej has published photos.