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Gruff Rhys

indie seen live welsh singer-songwriter indie pop

Gruff Rhys is the lead singer of the Welsh band Super Furry Animals. His first solo album, Yr Atal Genhedlaeth preceded his band's LP, Love Kraft, in winter '05. He then released his second solo effort, Candylion, which includes songs in English, Welsh and Spanish and collaborations with Lisa Jen of 9Bach and Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas.

He released a third solo album, Hotel Shampoo on 14th February 2011, Gruff said “I thought that as I’m getting on a bit, the time had come to buy a suit and record an album of piano ballads” Gruff Rhys explains. “However, I got bored, the record diversified and evolved – things turned out a bit differently…”

American Interior is his fourth solo album, released in 2014.

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