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Pure Fucking Brutality

Hailing from Norway, Grimfist was originally a collaboration between guitarist Ole Walaunet (Deride), drummer and ex-member Horgh (ex-Immortal, Hypocrisy), and vocalist Frediablo (ex-Necrophagia, Gorelord, Hemnur), resulting in its critically acclaimed debut album 'Ghouls Of Grandeur,' (GOG) containing 10 tracks of insane, grinding metal of the highest order, with absolutely no middle ground. By combining elements of death metal, black metal, and old school heavy metal, the band has managed to create a highly original style. Grimfist was founded October 2001 and signed to Candlelight Records. Their debut was recorded in Abyss Studios in Sweden, March 2003, and was mixed by Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain).

Two years later, and after the departure of drummer Horgh (replaced by full-time member Christian Svendsen) Grimfist recorded the follow-up to Ghouls Of Grandeur: '10 Steps To Hell,' which was recorded in SubSonic Society, April 2005, and mixed in Fredman Studio. '10 Steps To Hell' takes the band to the next level combining speed, heavyness, and darker atmospheric elements. Released October 2005, and, like GOG, it quickly recieved loads of positive feedback and reviews from the fans and music press.

Grimfist have toured with bands like Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm, and have established a reputation for being a solid, professional, and highly energetic live band.

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