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Gregor Tresher

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In the field of electronic music, Gregor Tresher is by no means a debutant. For more than seven years the thirty-year old DJ and producer from Rhine-Main area gathered merits modernizing the algorithms of electronic music. It has been his "Still EP" in 2005 that upgraded him into the Champions League of European Techno producers and many highlight releases like "Neon", "Full Range Madness" or "The Now People" on labels like Great Stuff, Datapunk, Cocoon or Terminal M convinced the readers of German magazine "Raveline" to vote him as "Best Producer 2006".

It is no surprise that past year 2006 was one of the most successful in Gregor’s career so far. Besides his cooperation with London ?s well known DJ Billy Nasty, showing first encouraging results with a row of releases, it was mainly his double-12inch "Neon" on Datapunk being one of the big summer anthems 2006. Also, the inspiring connection to Sven Vaeth’s Cocoon Recordings led to another highlight: "Full Range Madness" on Cocoon’s Compilation F. Shortly after that Gregor released "The Now People / Battery" on the Munich based label Great Stuff Recordings, followed by the collaboration with Israel’s newcomer of the year Guy Gerber: "Open The Gates".

In 2006 Gregor played all the major events like Mayday, Nature One or the Street Parade and also all the prime European clubs like Fabric London, Fuse Brussels, Loft Barcelona or the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt. A great reward for an intensive year: Besides being voted as Best Producer he also received high rankings in the categories "Newcomer 2006" and "Best Track 2006" ("Full Range Madness") in "Raveline Magazine".

Gregor’s musical roots have always been Electro. With his project "Sniper Mode", he tried to achieve an aesthetic development of the motorbeat from the beginning, releasing several records on Frankfurt’s electronica label Elektrolux and it’s sublabel Mikrolux. However, Electro has never been a fixed category for Gregor ?s production and DJ-ing, but more of an open reference-system between past, present and future of electronic music.

"At the beginning of the new millenium i got bored of straight beat and wanted to work with more complex grooves – Electro was the perfect playground. Past years ? developments in techno music and the end of the harder&faster-trend attracted me back into electronic music for the dancefloor as DJ and producer as well. The flexibility of integrating melodies or vocals in a track considerably widened the spectrum. Today Electro has got a whole new meaning for me and no longer defines itself by Vocoder-vocals or 808-beats, but stands for energetic electronic music in general, emancipated from rules and conventions and extendable in every direction." (Tresher, November 2005)

With the release of his "Still" EP Gregor Tresher has definitely found his place among the most important German producers in electronic music. Up to now several tracks mark the highlights of this exciting development: "Neon" and "Still" (both on Datapunk), "The Now People" (Great Stuff Records), Gregor ?s "Komm"-Remix for Sven Vaeth and Anthony Rother (#2 Best Remix 2005 in German Raveline Magazine) or his "Full Range Madness" for Cocoon ?s Compilation F. And not only Sven Vaeth upscaled all of those tracks by playing them on heavy rotation in his sets for months. Gregor ?s current musical direction is underlined by his recent DJ-Gigs in the prime clubs everywhere in Europe: From London to Budapest, from Madrid to Athens, from Marseille to Berlin. "To play anything from Tech-House to Electro in one set and present it in an exciting voyage is what modern DJ-ing means to me."

Since early 2007, Gregor is working on his first full length album under his real name, which will be released on Great Stuff Recordings in summer 2007 and will be featuring an extensive Album Tour in summer 2007 with Gregor playing Live-gigs for the first time ever as well.

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