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Graham Colton

singer-songwriter acoustic rock Acoustic Rock pop rock

Graham Colton (born Graham Patrick Colton on November 6, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is most widely known for his hit song "Best Days", featured on the television series American Idol and Kyle XY (finale of season 2).

Colton graduated Heritage Hall School in OKC. After leaving his hometown of Oklahoma City to attend Southern Methodist University, Colton began writing and performing songs in and around the Dallas pubs and coffee houses: “I would return to my college dorm room and have e-mails from kids across the country asking where to buy the album,” says Colton. Quickly Colton began recording songs on a shoestring budget for his ever-growing local fan-base and distant admirers. The self-titled demo became a local favorite and began making waves outside the Texas music scene. It wasn’t long before the CD fell into the hands of Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) who quickly asked Graham to support them on their 2002 fall tour. It would prove to be a friendship that would evolve over the next two years of touring and recording. The month long tour put Colton and his newly formed band in front of sold out audiences and fans they didn’t know they had. After the fall stint with Counting Crows and a signed record deal with Strummer Recordings/ Universal, dates with John Mayer, Maroon 5, Train, Dave Matthews, Guster, and Kelly Clarkson followed proving the band had the ability to connect with all types of listeners.

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