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Gotan Project

tango electronic chillout lounge downtempo

    Gotan Project is an group based in Paris, consisting of Frenchman Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff from Argentina, and Christoph H. Müller, from Switzerland and a former member of Touch El Arab.

    They formed in 1999. Their first release was Vuelvo Al Sur/El Capitalismo Foráneo in 2000, followed by the album La Revancha del Tango in 2001. Their music is clearly , but also uses elements such as , and .

    Live material was broadcast on Gilles Peterson's world music show Worldwide on BBC one in May 2004. Philippe Cohen Solal has also released a DJ set: Inspiracion, Espiracion (P. Cohen Solal DJ Mix) (2004). This album is a compilation of from the likes of Anibal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla and Gotan Project remixes. The album also includes a bonus CD with the track La Cruz del Sur - which was meant to be included on La Revancha del Tango, but didn't make the cut in 2001.

    Their last album Tango 3.0 was released on April 19, 2010.

    The name of the trio comes from a form of wordplay very common in Rioplatense Spanish's argot named vesre. This wordplay involves the reversal of syllables. Thus, the word 'Tan-go' becomes 'Go-tan', the name the trio have chosen for their project.

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