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death metal Brutal Death Metal norwegian Gore metal

Gorelord is a Project of Frediablo (Guitar, Vocals, Bass). In September of 2005 Frediablo issued a statement saying he was quitting Necrophagia among all of his music projects and bands he was involved in, except for Grimfist.

He is/was also a Member of Wurdulak, Necrophagia, Grimfist, Hemnur, Soul Forsaken, Ave Sathanas, Deride and made session in Svartpest.

The Music of Gorelord is Death Metal with Horror Movie like Themes.

The House Of Unholy Terror (Demo, 1999)
Force Fed On Human Flesh (Full-length, 2001)
Creature Feature (Split with Wurdulak, 2001)
Creature Feature Vol. 2 (Split with Wurdulak, 2002)
Zombie Suicide Part 666 (Full-length, 2002)
Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (Full-length, 2006)

Gorelord has published photos.