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God Defamer

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Is melo-tech death metal from Slovakia. The line up consists of 5 experienced musicians of whose 3 had previously played in one of the most successful Slovak band Dementor (4 albums of which Enslave the weak – 2001 & God defamer – 2004 released by OSMOSE PRODUCTION).
Current line up:
Peter Hija - vocals
Majo Letko - bass
Miro Raucina - drums (also in Empyrion, Respite)
Alex Suchacek – guitar
Rene Blahusiak – guitar

Their latest album is called "Heavenly Hell" and it's released by Gothoom Prods. in late 2010.

This is how it all started and how it goes on:
2008, June
Due to communication short and other obvious shortcomings, Rene decides to go his own way and to form a brand new band yet following the roots he established with Dementor. GOD DEFAMER has been unleashed! (the title of latest Dementor album was chosen for the name of the band). Besides new stuff, songs written by Rene from older Dementor era might be heard during GD live gigs.
2008, July
Rudy Strhak (ex-Moonfog, Bloodfeast) on drums joined Rene and the core of GOD DEFAMER is set up. The next one to come is Alex Suchacek (Cortribe, ex-Dementor). A strong trio is together as one now.
2008, August
New songs are being composed. Both guitarists create guitar links which will be matched with ultra blast drum beats of Rudy after his return from his stay in Ireland, beginning of October. Marian Letko on bass and another ex-Dementor member Jaro Kyselica on vocals later joined the band to make it complete.
2008, December
First promo is recorded in few days effort in order to promote the work of GD. The record consists of 5 brand new songs in the vain of modern death metal. The stuff features a lot of variety and different patterns which makes GD different from other bands in this genre.

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