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Gazelle Twin

electronic Avant-Garde female vocalists Lo-Fi electronica

    Gazelle Twin is the solo project of composer and visual artist Elizabeth Bernholz (née Elizabeth Walling) from Brighton, UK, formerly of A Scandal In Bohemia. The project's self-released début was Gazelle Twin Demo 2009, and her latest album is Pastoral (2018).

    The majority of her releases are on the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray label that she co-founded with other members of the collective of the same name, such as Bernholz, Great Pagans and Acquaintance.

    The Entire City (2011)
    The Entire City Remixed (2012)
    Unflesh (2014)
    Fleshed Out (2016) - remixes of tracks from Unflesh.
    Kingdom Come (2017)
    Pastoral (2018)

    Changelings (2010, Something Nothing)
    I Am Shell I Am Bone (2011)
    Men Like Gods (2011)
    Mammal (2013, Sugarcane)
    Belly of the Beast (2014)
    Anti Body (2014)

    Sites: YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook and (official)

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