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Paul Mazzolini (born 18 February 1960 in Beirut, Lebanon, stage name Gazebo), is an Italian musician.

He was born in Lebanon, the son of an Italian diplomat and an American singer. According to legend, he learned to play the guitar aged 10 to impress a German girl in his class.

As a rather cosmopolitan teenager Mazzolini began a career in a variety of jazz, rock and punk bands before meeting Rome, Italy based producer Pierluigi Giombini. Both shared a passion for synthesizers and started working together. The first release, Masterpiece, was a minor hit in 1982.

His footnote in charts history is his 1983 release I like Chopin (popular opinion notwithstanding, the piano motif herein is not a Chopin composition), which topped continental European charts for weeks.

The follow-up song Lunatic and the eponymous album also entered the Top 20 across Europe, but the 1984 album Telephone Mama was less successful.

Since then Mazzolini has released more albums. Not counting the occasional hit compilation with yet another "I Like Chopin" remix, the latest work was produced in 1997, an Italian only album called "Viewpoint".

Recently, Gazebo released a new album "The Syndrone" (2008).

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