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Gatas Parlament

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Gatas Parlament (the parliament of the street) is a Norwegian rap group. It consists of the Elling Borgersrud, the DJ/Producer/rapper Don Martin, and Jester who officially joined the band in 2011 (although he has been associated with the band since the start, appearing on several songs on almost every album). Until april 2011 it also consisted Elling Borgersrud younger brother, Aslak Borgersrud. Gatas Parlament has got a left-ish political orientation which they voice both in their music and through political activism.

Gatas Parlament were the first Norwegian rappers to rap in Norwegian. The pioneers of Norwegian Rap, such as Warlocks or A-Team, rapped in English. Gatas Parlament started out in 1993, taking the name Kveldens Høydepunkt (Highlight of the Night). Don Martin did not take to the name, and it was therefore changed. Later, they attended a public speech by Carl I. Hagen, the chairman of the right-wing party Fremskrittspartiet, where they threw eggs and rotten fruit at Hagen. This caused Hagen to comment that gatens parlament ruled the country, and the three rappers stuck with the name (the riksmål-wording of gaten was dropped for gata, more fitting for their sociolect).

The band caused controversy in Norway with their video "Antiamerikansk Dans" (Anti American Dance) together with the Swedish rap artist Promoe. In addition, their website ("Kill him Now"), which put a bounty on the assassination of George W. Bush, caused the American embassy in Norway to react, and the website was subsequently shut down.

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