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Ganksta Nip

Horrorcore rap southern rap Gangsta Rap Hip-Hop

    Ganksta Nip joined the S.P.C. in late 1987 after he and K-Rino formed an alliance after years of competing against each other in battles around Houston. NIP started out in a group called "The Forever Def Crew". This group consisted of NIP and Klondike Kat. Ganksta Nip is the originator of the horror core rap style(the psycho style). Nip and another South Park legend, "K-Rock Def" mastered the style and Nip took it to the level it is at today. Ganksta Nip's 1st cd "South Park Psycho" put the S.P.C. name on the map in 1991 when it was released worldwide on rap-a-lot records. Nip is also known for writing the Geto Boys hit "Chuckie". His solo cd's are:(South Park Psycho, Psychic Thoughts, Psychotic Genius, Interview With A Killer, Psycho Thug, The Originator, Return Of The Psychopath and Still Psycho). Is one of the best rapper alive.

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