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Gaia Mesiah

Czech seen live rock female vocalists alternative rock

Gaia Mesiah were Marka Rybin, Misha Cortez, Santa Morella, Josh Stewart, and guests Roman Lomtadze and Pedro Parades. Formed in 2001 Gaia Mesiah is an energetic and very musically tight outfit which plays a mix of heavy funky rock which will draw comparisons to Rage Against the Machine and Salt.

Vocalist Marka Rybin has a vocal range and power that keeps the crowd entranced. Guitarist Santa Morella will frankly blow you away with her skill and ring true the phrase "never judge a book by its cover". Drummer Misha Cortez is the beat behind the band and plays tight, fast and powerful. Josh Stewart is the bass man from down under with funky licks and heavy riffs.

Gaia Mesiah is one of the Czech Republic's best acts and plays original music that can be filed in the category of heavy rock/funk/reggae and a little bit of something else.

In the summer of 2008, the singer Marka Rybin left the group and started singing with another Czech band, known as Skyline.


Gaia Mesiah (2003)
Ocean (2005)
Alpha Female (2007)



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