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death metal doom metal old school death metal death-doom metal american

1. Formed from Contagion, death/doom metal band that released one album, The Misery Season

2. Funereal was created firstly as a two man project to release inner emotion through the beautiful sound of music, namely doom. It was once the first song was completed that it was decided to be turned into a live band to further spread the depressive energy throughout the lands so that others may feel it in a stronger aspect.

Auckland Doom Metal project FUNEREAL, releasing the demo 'Funereal', is a concept of Mort and Funerus. The industrious Mort also cites association with Exiled From Light, Schizophrenia, When Mine Eyes Blacken, Balthazar, Serpenthrone, Nystagmus, Einsamkeit, Beyond Light and Winds Of Sorrow.

Funereal has published photos.