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Front End Loader

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Front End Loader are self-described as "Australia's least popular, relatively well known band". Formed in 1991 FEL have always been a difficult band to categorize. Undeniably a hard rock band, they have avoided the traditional tattoos and hair of hard rock and as musicians, they tend closer to cock or math rock without the earnestness. Front End Loader have been supported by the likes of Regurgitator, The Superjesus and Shihad plus many others. They have a reputation for ferocious live performances and not holding their collective tongue. To a degree their outspokenness has impeded commercial success (particularly at Australia's national youth station, JJJ) but endeared them to their fan base. Front End Loader have not toured so much the last few years due to family commitments however a live album eventually happened in 2008.

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