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Freddy Quinn

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Freddy was born on September 27th, 1931 in Vienna, Austria. In his youth he loves the circus, but in 1950 he chooses for music and starts singing in the bars from Hamburg.
In 1952 he joins an international competition for the first time in Belfast, Ireland, where he wins the first prize.
However it takes till 1954 before he records his first songs, mainly songs about life at sea and some country music.
He soon extends his career by learning to act, and he will join several movies in Germany.
1956 sees Freddy representing Germany at the first Eurovision Song Contest together with Walter Andreas Schwarz. It is the only year that countries enter the contest with two songs. No points are given, and only the winner, Lys Assia is anounced.
Freddy's songs however become instant hits in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Belgium and several other countries.
"La Paloma","Junge, komm bald wieder" and "Die Gitarre und das Meer" bring him fame, golden records and many awards.
Freddy keeps singing all his life, and in 2002 he makes his last tour, which ends in the city where he is born : Vienna.

Freddy Quinn has published photos.