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For All Eternity

metalcore post-hardcore australian christian Christian Metalcore

To enter a room where South-West Sydney band For All Eternity are playing is to enter into a captivating experience- and an intense one. Leave all expectations about this Christian metalcore band at the door. Always doing their best to provide an energetic live performance, they're bound to rise above them.

The five members of the band- Michael Buckley, Jeremy Mosiejczuk, Andrew Cornale, Nathanael Edwards and Shane Carroll, fueled by their passion for music and love for Jesus Christ, are determined to make a mark in the heavy music scene. With the release of their self-titled, five track first release recorded with Dave Hammer, they've proved they have what it takes to do so.

For All Eternity have managed to create a winning cocktail of roof raising, thundering heaviness and smooth melody. Full of breakdowns, floor shaking double kicks, acrobatic melodies on the fret boards, and brutal powerhouse screams complemented by resonating clean vocals, the new release will no doubt excite metalcore fans. From the first track Avail, creative arrangements keep the listener's attention. The intricate drum intro leading into a shattering five-bar scream sets the record up to be a very engaging listen. It continues in this fashion right up until delicate piano chords in the final track provide the outro to the listening experience.

In the competitive core scene where the lifestyle and reputation of being in a band can often be the focus for musicians, a band with as much honesty and passion for what they do as For All Eternity have is a gem when found. These are the kind of bands that success ought to follow. Whether it's performing, taking the time to actually get to know the people who follow their music, or relentlessly promoting their shows, you can be assured that it's done with fervor.

With such an impressive and polished first release under their belts and an intertwining mix of talent, enthusiasm and the will to work hard, For All Eternity is definitely a band to watch closely in 2009. The almost prophetic lyric 'the sun will fall, and we will rise' hints that this is a band unwavering in their mission to take their music, and message, to as many people as possible.

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