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Fool's Garden

pop rock britpop soft rock german

Fool's Garden is a German pop group formed in 1991, comprising singer Peter Freudenthaler, guitarist Volker Hinkel, bassist Thomas Mangold, keyboardist Roland Röhl, and drummer Ralf Wochele.

Their first album, Once in a Blue Moon was released in 1993, followed two years later by Dish of the Day, from which "Lemon Tree" became an Asian chart hit. Go and Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing followed in 1997, then For Sale (2000), 25 Miles to Kissimmee (2003), and Ready for the Real Life (2005).

In 2003 the band changed three of its members: Roland Röhl, Thomas Mangold, and Ralf Wochele left, to be replaced by bassist Dirk Blümlein, drummer Claus Müller, and a second guitarist, Gabriel Holz. Holz left the band in 2007 after moving to Berlin.

In 2006, Fool's Garden released the single "I Got a Ticket," regarding on the World Cup Soccer competition that was held in Germany.

The band is recording new tracks for the release of a new album in 2008.

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