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Flamengo was one of the earliest Czech beat or groups from Prague that started out in the mid 60's, growing into one of the best prog/art rock group in the . They recorded the best album "Kuře v hodinkách" (lineup: Vladimír Mišík (lead vocals, percussion), Jan Kubík (saxophone, flute, clarinet, vocals), Pavel Fořt (guitar, vocals), Ivan Khunt (organ, vocals), Vladimír "Guma" Kulhánek (bass guitar, vocals), Jaroslav "Erno" Šedivý (drums) ).

The band was established by drummer Přemysl Černý in 1966, who brought František Francl (lead guitar), Pavel Fořt (rhytm guitar), Eduard Vršek (keys), Jiří Čížek (bass), Petr Novák (vocals) and Viktor Sodoma (vocals), also Pavel Sedláček appeared sometimes as vocalist. Lyrics were written by Ivo Plicka. The coexistence of two vocalists and personal relations between Novák and Sodoma made troubles. Sodoma was replaced by Karel Kahovec and left for The Matadors. Due to Vršek's military service the members had to switch their instruments. Vocalist Kahovec became rhytm guitarist, rhytm guitarist Fořt took bass and bassist Čížek begun play keys. In 1967 Novák and Čížek left the band. Přemysl Černý focused on managerial activities and set Jaroslav "Erno" Šedivý as a new drummer. Ivan Khunt (hammond organ, vocals) came instead of Karel Kahovec. Vocalist Joan Duggan from Newcastle joined the group in 1969 and after getting married with Francl left the band with him. However, the changes in lineup had continued. The final was settled after the arrival of the now-legendary vocalist Vladimír Mišík, Jan Kubík and Vladimír "Guma" Kulhánek.

Flamengo broked up before the releasing "Kuře v hodinkách", their sole album from 1972. Author of lyrics was famous poet Josef Kainar. This record was quickly banned by the communist regime under normalization. It became legendary and now stands as one of the best album that came out from czechoslovakian music scene.

Flamengo has published photos.