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    There are multiple artists with this name:

    1) An American pop rock band. They formed in 2005.

    2) An American Christian rock band from Florida. They formed in 1999:

    Fireflight is a Grammy-nomiated American christian hard rock band formed in Eustis, Florida in 1999.

    Fireflight debuted with 2006’s The Healing of Harms (Flicker Records), featuring two No. 1 rock singles, “You Decide” and “Waiting.” The band’s breakout sophomore album, Unbreakable, released in March 2008 and debuted at No. 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, following NBC’s launch of the title track in network TV promos for “Bionic Woman.” Along with receiving stellar 5-star reviews, Unbreakable delivered two No.1 rock singles with “The Hunger” and the title track, which held the top spot at Christian rock radio for 4 weeks. Fireflight’s music has received national attention as a favorite of TV networks like NBC, ABC and ESPN, including ESPN’s “Winter X Games” coverage,” on E! Entertainment’s “Style Network,” and in music-video reels at both American Eagle and Journey’s stores across the country. For more than nine years.

    2002: Glam-rok – (independent)
    2006: The Healing of Harms
    2008: Unbreakable
    2010: For Those Who Wait
    2012: Now
    2004: On the Subject of Moving Forward EP
    2009: Unbroken and Unplugged

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