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Fever Ray

electronic ambient swedish female vocalists experimental

    Fever Ray is an alias of Swedish musician Karin Dreijer, formerly of The Knife. She debuted with the single "If I Had A Heart" (15 Dec 2008) under the alias, followed by the self-titled album Fever Ray (2009). Her second album, Plunge was released in October 2017 without prior announcement. Her vocal style is highly distinct - shrill and piercing, with a heavy Swedish accent and frequent use of pitch-shifting technology.

    Dreijer was born on 7 April 1975 in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 1994, she formed the band Honey Is Cool, where she served as the lead vocalist and guitarist. She and her brother Olof Dreijer formed an music duo The Knife in 1999, and have spanned a series of successful and critically acclaimed albums.

    What would you do if one decade into your career you suddenly saw one of your songs turned into a worldwide hit, won six Grammis in your native Sweden and your latest release was declared album of the year by one of the world’s most influential music websites? If you’re Karin Dreijer, the answer is to take a couple of years off and return as a solo artist under a new name: Fever Ray.

    In Dreijer's's own words: “I had so many songs to record that I just had to make an album. I thought I was going to have a longer break but I guess it will never happen. I can't stop working. My aim was to finish the album and, now that it's done, I'm a bit restless (good that The Knife has an opera to write then). During the last years, I discovered that I like to sing too, so I hope that my newly found live band Fever Ray will make it to the stages next year. We are rehearsing and building something beautiful and brilliant."

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