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Feed Me

dubstep electronic electro House breakbeat

    There is more than one artist called Feed Me.

    1) Feed Me is Jon Gooch (AKA Spor)'s complextro/brostep project. The first release by Feed Me was 'Mordez Moi', on Noisia's Division label, the second was 'The Spell / Raw Chicken' released on Mau5trap. After completing a stack of remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, Chase & Status and Chris Lake, Feed Me released his much anticipated 'Feed Me's Big Adventure EP' (also on Mau5trap) exclusively to Beatport on Christmas Day 2010.

    2) Feed Me are a young Cumbrian band with their own original take on the blues. They've received airplay on several radio stations, supported blues legend Sherman Robertson, and have played many gigs and festivals around the North of England, winning over new fans wherever they go. Feed Me are: J.J. Fletcher (vocals), Kiefer McCrickerd and Jamie Francis (guitars), Andrew Bates (drums) and Phil ‘Peelin Fingers’ Lowery on bass. Hear tracks and see videos on

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