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FKA twigs

trip-hop electronic experimental dream pop art pop

    FKA twigs is a pseudonym of singer, songwriter, producer and dancer Tahliah Debrett Barnett. Born January 16, 1988, in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, she was formerly known as twigs. Named after the way her bones pop and crack; the part-Jamaican, part-Spanish singer now based in London, released a 4 track EP in December 2012, accompanied by their respective promo videos.

    "How's that", produced and written with Arca, surfaced in May 2013. The single "Water Me", was released in August. Both tracks are extracted from her Young Turks debut release "EP2", out on September 17, 2013 alongside a promo video for "Papi Pacify"

    Following some preview gigs in the US and Europe, it was announced Twigs' debut album, "LP1", would be released in August 2014. A new film for "Hide" plus a re-work of "Ache","Tw-Ache", were premiered in June as part of Dazed Magazine Takeover. "Two Weeks" had its first airplay the following week. "Pendulum", co-written with Paul Epworth, was released as the lead single B-side in July 2014 and it had its video première in January 2015.

    "glass & patron" appeared online as one of the YTMA videos in March 2015. It also features on the August released "M3LL155X EP" alongside "figure 8" and "in time". The EP was made with collaborators Boots, tic and Cy An. A 16 minute film for M3LL155X supported the release.

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