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vaporwave synthpop electronic new wave newbreed

Eyeliner is the alias of synthesist, producer and deep-thought enthusiast Luke Rowell (also known as Disasteradio) of Wellington, New Zealand. He released his popular debut album High Fashion Mood Music in 2012 on music label Crystal Magic and it became a definitive example of the netmusic genre . In 2013, he released LARP of Luxury as the follow up. In 2015, Eyeliner released a third album entitled Buy Now on the influential internet music label Beer on the Rug.

Eyeliner renders thought-tools into musical-environs, exploring where post-consumer/post-scarcity “vibes” collide with real-world artists’ toast-again poverty.

High Fashion Mood Music (2012)
LARP of Luxury (2013)
Buy Now (2015)

Eyeliner has published photos.