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Extreme Decay

grindcore death metal indonesia Grind indonesian

Formed in January 1998 at Malang, East Java ID..with Afrl/vocal, Andik/vocal, Adhie/guitar, Juli/guitar, Adi/bass and Adim/drums. From the beginning was inspired by grind, fast and hardbeat..representing music in a social-political theme load with protests, questions, and anger. Not long after..Andik, Juli and Adim resign, EXTREME DECAY recruited Didik (ex Rotten Corpse) to join as add. drummer. On that formation in October '98, released their first demo titled "Bastard", that record was re-released by Impregnate Records Czech Republic..In early 1999 engage with Eko/drums (Anorma/ex Keramat, ex Antiphaty) released a tape titled "Extreme Decay As Fuck" which was record rehearsally and recorded an anthology from their previous songs along with their demos/live tracks which then released with the title "Social Warfare" in June '99. In the end of 1999, Adhie/guitar and Adi/bass resigns. Afrl as the last original member recruited Ravi/guitar (Goddam/Nevermind R.I.P/Mind Generator R.I.P) and Yuda Wahyu/Bass (Wodka R.I.P/Horridtruth R.I.P), In this line up makes "Sampah Dunia Ketiga" released by Extreme Souls Productions ID in 2000. Ten years not releasing any album doesn't mean their dead end..early January 2009 they will once again back into the record studio to make their new album since Ravi/guitar replacement choice fell on sahery (Perish, Anorma)..EXTREME DECAY might change in many things but one thing for sure; EXTREME DECAY will keep banging in the max spin and grind!!…with the member Afrl/vocal, Sahery/guitar, Yuda/bass and Eko/drums, EXTREME DECAY released Holocaust Resistance album on 1st November 2010 by ARMSTRETCH records Indonesia..

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