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Exiled From Light

depressive black metal black metal atmospheric black metal ambient black metal Suicidal Black Metal

"Exiled From Light is a representation of myself as a whole"
- Mort

Dimma Sinfonia was an Auckland based Ambient Black Metal project of Mort. Subsequently Dimma Sinfonia evolved into Exiled From Light in early 2008 and began working on the debut album 'Descending Further into Nothingness'. Exiled From Light signed with Nocturnal Transmissions Records soon afterwards and the debut was scheduled for October 2008. After much delay in releasing the album, Exiled From Light left Nocturnal Transmissions Records and joined Hypnotic Dirge Records in March 2009. 'Further Descending into Nothingness' was released on July 11th, 2009 by HDR, and was soon followed by the first Exiled From Light T-Shirt later that month. Exiled From Light's sophomore effort 'There is No Beauty Left Here…' was released by HDR on July 22nd, 2010, roughly a year after the release of the debut album. This was followed several months later by the disbandment of the project.

The industrious Mort also cites association with When Mine Eyes Blacken, Schizophrenia, Funereal, Balthazar, Serpenthrone, Nystagmus, Einsamkeit, Beyond Light and Winds Of Sorrow.

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