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Ewa Farna

pop polish rock female vocalists Czech

      Ewa was born on 12.8.1993 in Třinec. Lives in Vendryně, Czech Republic, studies Law at the University of Warsaw. She deals with music since childhood, at her 5 and a half she was attended to ZUS in Třinec (piano playing). Furthermore, she attended 2 years basic education movement (a set of rhythm in the HV PZKO Český Těšín).

      She likes sports. She was a member of the section down-hill skiing Ski Beskyd Great Raca (3 season). She likes music, dancing, acting and singing. She listens to Pink, Simple Plan, Ashley Simpson. Her favorite is Kelly Clarkson and Polish Virgin Group.

      With a producer Lešek Wronka she has released three albums - Měls mě vůbec rád (2006), Ticho (2007) and Sam Na Sam (2007) - Polish version of her debut. Ewa, as the youngest singer in history, took with her band The Rocx tours on the Czech Republic (in 18 cities).

      Jan Steinsdörfer- music, piano,
      Tomáš Lacina - bass guitar
      Martin Chobot - Guitar
      Lukáš Pavlík - drums

      • Měls mě vůbec rád - the first album was released on November 6 2006, at Universal Music
        Singles: You had me at all happy Zapadlej store

      • Ticho - the second album was released on October 1 2007 for Universal Music
        Singles: Silence and La la laj

      • Sam Na Sam - the first Polish album was released on November 9 2007 for Universal Music Poland
        Single: There is not but where drugs

      • DVD and CD live "Closer to the stars", released Nov. 7 2008, issued by Universal Music

      Competition and polls
      2004 - 1 place in the district singing competition in Frýdek-Místek

      2005 - 1 place in the European Youth Festival in Poland

      2006 - 1 place in the Polish television singing contest "The chances of success"

      2006 - Czech Nightingale Mattoni 2006 "Discovery of the Year"

      2007 - RGM Music TV prices Óèko "Discovery of the Year"

      2007 - Allianz plate of 2006 - album "You had me at all like" has become a "selling debut in the category Discovery of the Year" (17 308 pieces)

      2007 - "The discovery of Ro © to" poll in the magazine Rock & Pop

      2007 - Nominations for the "discovery of" Angel Allianz 2006

      2007 - platinum album for selling more than 20 thousands of slabs of albums You had me at all like

      2007 - The best singer in the poll Jetix KIDS AWARDS 2007

      2007 - platinum record for sales of albums Silence

      2008 - fourth place in the Czech Nightingale poll in the category "singer of"

      2008 - The third "singer of" Angel Allianz poll in 2007

      2008 - third place in the poll tyty in the category "singer"

      2008 - The most popular singer in the poll Jetix KIDS AWARDS 2008

      2008 - third singer of "Czech Nightingale poll in 2008

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