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Evans Blue

alternative rock rock hard rock alternative alternative metal

    Dan Chandler – Vocals
    Parker Lauzon – Guitar
    V – Guitar
    Joe Pitter – Bass

    Evans Blue is currently in the studio with long-time producer Trevor Kustiak, putting the finishing touches on their much-anticipated fourth album GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES, coming April 17th from Sounds+Sights. The first single “This Time It’s Different” is climbing the charts at active rock and alternative radio and promises to deliver on its title. Evans Blue has closed the third chapter, and with album four, the band is ready to start a brand new trilogy with a new attitude to match.

    Dan Chandler elaborates, “With the last record, we were writing songs before I even met the guys in person, really fast. Since then, we’ve grown a ton as a band: the chemistry between each member, the relationships, and the trust we have developed with each other.” He continues, “I think people will hear a big difference between this record and the last one; the album has a lot to say this time around, and it comes from every one of us in the band.”

    The members of Evans Blue unanimously credit their passionate and dedicated fans (aka the “Evans Blue Nation”) for their continued positive, forward momentum. “Seeing what has happened with the last record and seeing the acceptance and the approval, the people showing up, and the crowds growing, has given me more confidence; I feel like I have a lot of people backing me up and supporting where we’re headed as a band,” Chandler adds.

    On their last tour, Evans Blue played 4-5 new songs in the set every night to an overwhelmingly positive response from the fans. According to Parker Lauzon, “Adding new songs made our set exciting for us, and our fans got the sneak peek – what’s changing and what direction we are moving in – and it’s awesome to see them get excited about it.” Evans Blue will be back on the road in Summer 2012 with the launch of the new album.

    “I’m more excited than I’ve ever been, and I know the guys are with me on that,” Chandler asserts. This is a band that has come a long way on a challenging journey, and every experience has made them stronger. Whoever said “rock is dead” is about to get his ass kicked.

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