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Eva Simons

pop dance electronic electro rnb

    Amsterdam-born singer Eva Simons hails from a long line of musicians with a pianist-father, trumpeter step-father, and vocalist mother. According to the Take Over Control Songfacts, her grandfather was accordion player Johnny Meijer (1912–92), who became so famous in Holland, that his hometown of Amsterdam even dedicated a statue to him. She has been playing piano and composing since she was a small child and graduated from the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

    Eva Simons was part a girlgroup called Raffish. Together with four other girls, she got a number one hit in the Netherlands called Plaything. She made one album with this girlband, How Raffish Are You? And 2 other singles were released from the album. Thursday´s Child and Let Go.

    In May 2009 Eva Simons (Zaandam, The Netherlands, 17 March 1985) uploaded her electro-pop track 'Silly Boy' onto Since then the song has attracted a large online fan community and became one of the most listened to tracks online, generating over 10 million clicks.

    Billy Mann, President of New Music International and President of Global Artist Management, EMI Music, said, "Eva has taken the internet by storm and she already has a huge fan base that's just waiting for more. 'Silly Boy' captures her fabulous energy and strength of personality."

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