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There are multiple artists with this name:

1. Erosion was a band from Hamburg, Germany. It was created in 1987 by Chris Zenk, Stefan Römhild, Ulf Kaiser, Jan Bünning and Klaus Nowakowsk. Influenced by bands like Cro-Mags, Ludichrist, Crumbsuckers etc. Erosion played a fresh gritty form of crossover thrash deeply rooted in hardcore punk and thrash metal alike. The band released a demo called "The Way Of Force" in 1987 and caught attention of We Bite Records. The band went on and produced four more albums. The first was "Mortal Agony" in 1988, "Thoughts" 1990, "III" in 1992 and finally "Down" in 1995. They disbanded in 1995 due to the change in populairty with crossover in mid-90's.

2. Erosion was one of Torsten Pröfrock's earliest aliases alongside Various Artists, Resilent and others, best known for it's releases on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint.

3. Erosion is a band from Brazil.

4. Erosion is a - metal band from Italy.

5. Erosion is a band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada composed of members of Baptists and Cooked And Eaten. They have a demo tape released in 2012 available via Crippling Doubt Records.

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