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Eric Prydz

House dance electronic trance techno

    Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ and producer best known for his 2004 hit single "Call On Me", his remix of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" (known as "Proper Education") and more recently the anthem "Pjanoo".

    He also releases music under the aliases of Cirez D, Pryda and Sheridan. Prydz produces electronic music which falls into a variety of sub genres, most notably house (Including electro house and tech house), minimal and techno.

    Aside from producing music Prydz also runs the record labels Pryda, Pryda Friends, and Mouseville, which release most of his own music.

    He has enjoyed great chart success with the singles "Proper Education" and "Call on Me", the latter sampling the chorus of Valerie (the only sample ever allowed of Winwood's work), which topped the UK singles charts for 5 weeks. "Proper Education" reached number 2, 4 and 12 in the UK, German and Swedish charts respectively.

    Although it is reported that Eric Prydz has a fear a flying, he does not let that stop him from playing in places such as New York, as well as various countries in Europe.

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