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Gothic darkwave Gothic Rock industrial german

    ENGELSBLUT was formed back in 1998 by a musician called Benjamin Luikenga (today also known as BeeJay from the Alternative-band Mono:Poly). Starting with a very electronic kind of music, ENGELSBLUT turned into a unique Gothic-Folk-Rock project.

    Influences on ENGELSBLUTs music come from In Extremo, Subway To Sally, Schandmaul and others. But there is a completely unique sound that stands for ENGELSBLUT. The voice of Benjamin is very recognizable and seems to fit perfect into this music.

    The crazy fact is, that ENGELSBLUT became relatively famous within the german and mexican Gothic-scene without being contracted by any record label. A suprising but also sad fact this is, as ENGELSBLUT offers nearly 200 songs for free. Sad because it is award-winning music, but labels didn't recognize till now. They may have wasted a bunch of money…

    Several releases in german Gothic magazines like ORKUS and ASTAN increased the popularity of ENGELSBLUT.

    Now, 2007 ENGELSBLUT is still releasing new music, 2 full length albums a year in average. All these songs are released on the german music platform called ENGELSBLUT reached the 1st place of their Gothic Charts for about 50 times - with 50 different songs!
    The latest album, called "Orkan" is very succesful. Since release of it's first track, every single song hit the 1st place of the Gothic Charts.

    But after all, ENGELSBLUT is just music for people who live, love, hate, laugh and cry - for just everyone. It's not too much gothic and it ain't too much pop. It's just good - pretty god. And heartbreaking.

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