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humppa seen live finnish folk humour

    These guys play humorous, mainly cover versions of famous pop and rock hits using the fast and hilarious beat of humppa (trad. Finnish polka-like dance) and are very, very often drunk. In fact, all of their live shows are performed while intoxicated, and every one of their albums (save for one, which is widely recognized as their worst record) has also been recorded in a similar state.

    Current members of the band are Onni Waris (keyboard, vocals), Petteri Halonen (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Lassi Kinnunen (accordion, vocals), Martti Waris (bass, vocals) and Kristian Voutilainen (drums, vocals). Ilmari Koivuluhta (sound technique, logistics) and Pekka Jokinen (graphics, merchandise) are completing the humppa family. These are not in fact their real names; their (fake) first names are their second names, and their (fake) surnames are their mothers' maiden names. Onni Waris and Martti Waris are in no way related, both of their mothers' maiden names just happen to be the same.

    According to the band's statements, they play between 80 and 100 concerts in a year, of which only 20 in Finland and 40 to 50 in Germany. While touring in Germany they hid bottles of vodka in various places next to the Autobahn and asked their fans to find them using treasure maps provided by the band.

    Albums by Eläkeläiset in Finnish charts (2 albums):
    1. Humppaelämää
    reach: 14/2003 - 15/2003; peak pos: 23; weeks: 2
    2. Humppasirkus
    reach: 08/2006 - 10/2006; peak pos: 10; weeks: 3

    Songs by Eläkeläiset in Finnish charts (4 songs):
    1. Das Humppawerk
    reach: 23/2006 - 26/2006; peak pos: 6; weeks: 4
    2. Jukolan Humppa
    reach: 03/2006 - 07/2006; peak pos: 5; weeks: 5
    3. Katkolla Humppa
    reach: 11/2003 - 12/2003; peak pos: 6; weeks: 2
    4. Keväthumppa
    reach: 20/2003 - 20/2003; peak pos: 17; weeks: 1

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