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Edai is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. His songs are considered drill music, a subgenre of Hip Hop. Edai is Black Disciples gang member from the set known as ‘600’ which also goes by the name O’Block and D’Block. He often praise his gang and fellow gang members in his songs, as well as attack gang members from rival gangs in his songs.

Edai has released numerous mixtapes which includes ‘So Serious’, “Dey Ain’t Drillin”, “How I’m Drillin” and “Im Self Made”. Edai’s most popular video on youtube is ‘Sixdouble0’ which featured fellow 600 gang members Rondonumbanine and L’A Capone. Sometime in 2013, while being interviewed by Zack TV 1 about his rap career, shots could be heard going off from a distance.

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