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EC8OR is a two person band, consisting of Patric Catani and Gina V. D'Orio

Already both involved with Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings, Patric Catani and Gina V. D'Orio formed EC8OR (prononuced as Ecator, but is actually is a contraction of Eradicator) in 1995. The music was in the same vein of Atari Teenage Riot's style of early Breakcore and hardcore techno with a punk edge, which led to EC8OR being overlooked by fans of digital hardcore recordings, but EC8OR employed more low-res ideas as the first album was entirely composed on Amiga 500 and with a microphone.

EC8OR gained considerable attention in North America in 1997, when the Beastie Boys' pet-label Grand Royal Records released "All Of Us Can Be Rich…", a collection of earlier material on Digital Hardcore Recordings. This led to features and press on the band in Rolling Stone and Alternative Press.

The duo released 5 albums from 1995-1999 and have continued to record after the great DHR implosion of the millennium, and still collaborate often, although Patric and Gina are no longer signed to digital hardcore recordings. Patric would later display his dislike of the state the label is currently in, as he posed in a picture with a digital hardcore hooded top lying in a coffin and said in an interview "The fact that all the bands surrounding Atari Teenage Riot just got used for their sellout idea–to have a whole “movement” and “followers”–led to psychological warfare which some people didn’t survive. There was no trust anymore at some point and no communication."

EC8OR is currently on a permanent hiatus although the duo played a one off gig in Dresden in 2005, and have recently collaborated under the name A*class, whereas Gina still performs in her other band Cobra Killer and with former Shizuo vocalist Annika Trost.

Ec8or has published photos.