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There are at least two artists named Eamon

1. Staten Island vocalist Eamon appeared in late 2003, when his bold single "F**k It " took urban radio by storm. With its spare melody and stripped-down production — not to mention its profanity-laced dismissal of a two-timing lover — the song stood out immediately, and blew up request lines nationwide. Jive jumped on the fervor, fast-tracking a video for "F**k It," and slating a full-length LP for January '04. When the debut dropped, it further showcased Eamon's strident lyricism and streetwise, doo wop-inspired vocals. Vintage rapper Milk Dee guested on two tracks.
Eamon's career was later exposed as a marketing ploy when supposed ex-girlfriend Frankee came back with a retaliation single. Eamon's credibility plummeted and now he is widely regarded as a .

2. Eamon is also an obscure 90s emo band that released a 7'' and a split with Grander.

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