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There are multiple artists by the name "Dune".
1) German rave band Dune.
2) Finnish demoscene musician, now known as Brothomstates.
3) Alias for drum & bass DJ and artist Ray Keith.
4) An Indiana, U.S. based musician recording a single album.
5) An Australian power/progressive metal band.
6) Danish indie rock band Dúné
7) French band active in the 70s
8) Laurent Garnier, Pascal F.E.O.S.
9) Stoner Rock band from Ohio, USA
10) Scottish Progressive Sludge/Stoner metal group from Edinburgh.

1) The German rave band Dune. The band was founded in 1995 by Oliver Froning and Jens Oettrich, who are both big fans of the novels by Frank Herbert - hence the name Dune. Their first single "Hardcore Vibes" featured the voice of Oliver's then 11-year-old cousin Janine. Their second single "Are you ready to fly?" sounded quite different and already featured the typical Dune-style with high-pitched vocals and a catchy melody.

At the end of 1996 the band released the album "Forever" with a lot of tracks in a classical style - all tracks where performed together with the London Session Orchestra (see Dune & the London Session Orchestra). Lead singer Verena von Strenge left Dune after the release of "Forever" to start a solo career. Dune came back in April 1998 with a new lead singer (Vanessa Hörster). The single "Keep the Secret" was only a medium success and its successor "Electric Heaven" flopped completely.

In late 1999 Verena von Strenge came back as lead singer after her solo career was not as successful as she wanted it to be. The single "Dark Side of the Moon" was released and the album "Reunion" was produced and ready for release in May 2000. However the album was never released due to a court order that stopped the single "Heaven".

The latest single released was "Rainbow To The Stars 2003", a rework of their 1996 classic. It was released on 23 June 2003.

2) A Finnish demoscene tracker musician who adopted the more unique name Brothomstates in the latter half of the 1990s and was later signed to Warp Records.

3) Dune was also an Alias used by Drum & Bass Dj/Artist Ray Keith in the early 1990s.

4) An Indiana-based musician who recorded an album called "Road of Life" in 2000.

5) An Australian power/progressive metal band that is now disbanded. The band only recorded a demo called The Eleventh Hour.

8)Duo made of Laurent Garnier and Pascal F.E.O.S. (Pascal Dardoufas). Released one EP: The Alliance EP: Trance, Ambient style electronic.

9) Four friends from Athens, Ohio, finally came together to form DUNE in 2011. Influenced by their favorite acts (Sabbath, Kyuss, QOTSA, Sword, Truckfighters), DUNE's brand of stoner metal has various undertones–everything from soul to thrash. You can find them on Bandcamp.

10) The progressive sludge/stoner metal Dune formed in recent years in Edinburgh, Scotland. They recently released their first EP entitled 'Progenitor'. You can find them on bandcamp here:

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