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Dublex Inc.

electronic chillout trip-hop nu jazz downtempo

It was definitely a blessed day for Stuttgart‘s party crowd when former DJs Robin Hofmann, Florian Pflüger, Rino Spadavecchia, and Felix Stecher, came together in the summer of 2000 to host the weekly Thursday night at one of Germany’s most famous venues for innovative electronic music. Not only did those talented boys deliver a fine blend of House with a funky Jazz flavour, fuelled by sampled sounds and break beats at the so-called “Blowshop“ nights at the “Le Fonque“ club, but very soon they discovered their mutual interests in producing their own ideas within the DJ-Team. “Dublex Inc.“ was born and the result was whole bunch of remixes, several 12” and their first album Eight Ears which was released in 2004.

Dublex Inc. produces club tracks. Due to their different ages, those "fabulous four" represent mixed up influences in their music. In the middle of the 80's Rino experienced his first Italo-House sets, followed by Hip Hop and the 89-England-Style à la Bomb The Bass. He played House for a while, later on he became one of Stuttgart's most wanted creators of wicked Big Beats. Felix produced before he started to flip records on turntables. At the age of 13 he began to tease out sounds of his ATARI and was a Hip Hop band’s beat cutter. After House Music, he became a Dub addict, just like Florian who remixed his first Hip Hop records into House and even Acid. Robin's roots lie in Hip Hop as well, but he lost interest in that subject pretty soon and got into more abstract and broken instrumental beats.

Their next step was to establish Pulver Records, their own label, which offers an ever growing family of artists - all of varying character, origin and background. Artists like Dutch Rhythm Combo from Berlin or the extraordinarily talented duo; Inverse Cinematics as well as Dublex Inc. and Erik Sumo all share in the opportunity of rising alongside the label on a mutual trajectory of artistic creation.

Nevertheless, working in the studio is now more important than ever to Robin, Flo, Rino and Felix. After the album “eight ears”, they are now working on their second album and on its remix. In order to know what works on the dance floor, the four DJs are still touring clubs almost every weekend.

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