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Drowning Pool

Nu Metal metal hard rock alternative metal rock

    There are 2 bands by this name:

    1. Drowning Pool is a / band from Dallas, Texas formed in 1997 that rose to prominence while playing along with Ozzy Osbourne during Ozzfest. Their 2001 debut album, Sinner, was certified platinum within six months and the video for its first single "Bodies" was frequently aired on various music video channels. After the September 11th attacks the song "Bodies" was infrequently heard on many radio stations due to the sensitivity of those families' loved ones who jumped from the towers. In August 2002 the lead singer of the band, Dave Williams, died in his tour bus of heart failure.

    After Williams' death, the band decided to carry on and began searching for a new singer.

    In 2003, the band found a new singer in Jason Jones who took place of Dave Williams in the wake of his untimely death. They released the album Desensitized in 2004.

    Jason's departure from Drowning Pool was publically announced on June 14, 2005, due to irreconcilable differences. Jones would later join the christian rock band A.M. Conspiracy. Almost immediately, rumours started swirling concerning the new singer's identity, most of them pointing to former SOiL singer Ryan McCombs. Drowning Pool announced that the singer would be formally announced August 25 at the Ozzfest date in Dallas, Texas, where Drowning Pool will do a one off performance on the main stage. On July 20th, website SMNNews received word from close sources that McCombs was indeed the new singer, and that fact was confirmed by McCombs and Drowning Pool alike the next week.

    In spring of 2006, Drowning Pool announced that they had parted ways with Wind-Up Records. As of June 30th, Wind-Up's website has been updated to confirm this.

    In October 2006, a new song called No More was announced to be released on the Saw III soundtrack, their first track (besides the second version of Rise Up) with Ryan McCombs on vocals.

    On February 26, 2007, it was announced that the band has signed a new deal with Eleven Seven Music, after receiving offers from Century Media and Sanctuary Records. It was also confirmed that Drowning Pool will have a new management company, Tenth Street Entertainment, following the group's departure with Paul Bassman of Bass Management.

    The band's newest album is, "Full Circle" and was released on July 24th, 2007 nationwide. 2 songs on the album were being produced by Funny Farm Records, owned by Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and former Beautiful Creatures guitarist DJ Ashba. The remaining tracks have been recorded with Producer Ben Schigel at the Dallas based January Studios.

    In January 2008, the band announced that they would be heading out on a North American tour as special guests of Saliva.

    The band is currently set to release their newest, self-titled studio album on April 27th 2010 featuring their newest single "Feel Like I Do".

    In 2011 Ryan McCombs and Drowning Pool has part ways. Ryan has become the permanent vocalist for SOiL once again.

    In 2012 Drowning Pool has announced that new vocalist is Suicide Hook singer Jasen Moreno.
    After parting ways with former singer Ryan McCombs, Drowning Pool recruited Moreno to go on the road with them. He made his live debut with the band on July 8 at a show in Ardmore, Okla.
    Drowning Pool’s have teamed up with producer Kato Khandwalla for their fifth studio album, the first to feature Moreno. The disc is due out in early 2013.

    Current members
    Jason Moreno - Vocals (2012-Present)
    C.J. Pierce - Lead Guitar
    Stevie Benton - Bass Guitar
    Mike Luce - Drums

    Former Members
    Dave "Stage" Williams - Vocals (2000-2002)
    Jason "Gong" Jones - Vocals (2003-2005)
    Ryan McCombs - Vocals (2005-2011)

    More informations on their official site:, polish site:, and russian site:

    2. Drowning Pool (2) was an avant-rock quartet (Andrew Crane on vocals, Adam Elesh on guitar, Brett Smith on bass) from Los Angeles that released extraordinary collections of eccentric songs: Drowning Pool (1986), that compiled material from their early cassettes, the double album Satori (Nate Starkman and Son, 1987), the EP Nierika (Viva Records, 1988) and the instrumental album Aphonia (Nate Starkman and Son, 1989). Their music straddled the line between new wave, psychedelia, world-music, ambient and industrial.

    They changed their name to Mumbles and disappeared.

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    1) Bodies
    3) Sinner
    7) Enemy
    9) Numb
    10) Pity
    11) Mute
    13) Follow
    14) I Am
    18) Sermon
    20) Think
    23) Shame
    24) Hate
    25) Forget