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There is more than one artist called Drill:

1) Drill was an alternative rock band from New York, headed by vocalist Lucia Cifarelli (MDFMK, KMFDM, KGC, Lucia), whose members included guitarist Dan Harnett, bassist John DeServio (Pride & Glory, Black Label Society, Cycle of Pain), and drummer Marcus Farny. They split up shortly after the release of their self-titled album in 1995, Drill, which featured additional guitarist Paul Alves.

2) Drill is an young MC from Izola, Slovenija. He released his first album named Nuklearna Zima in 2013. under Wudisban Record, an independent slovenian music label.

3) DRILL was also the name of a british noise rock/ industrial band formed in 1989, which released two albums in the early ´90´s. The LP Skin Down in 1991 and the EP White Finger in 1992. They split up in 1994 and were signed by Abstract Sounds in London. Though the band did not receive much attention, their approach to noise rock is a good example for timeless avantgarde rock music. The band has reformed in 2005 and is due to release new material in 2008.
Kev Wilkinson - Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Tony O'Brien - Guitar
Simon Moore - Bass Guitar
Dave Craig - Guitar
Andy Hunns - Guitar

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