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Don Henley

classic rock rock 80s singer-songwriter soft rock

Don Henley (born Donald Hugh Henley in Gilmer, Texas, USA on 22 July 1947) is a drummer, singer, and songwriter with the band Eagles. Since the 80s, he has had a successful solo career with the albums: I Can't Stand Still, Building The Perfect Beast, The End of Innocence and Inside Job and he has played a founding role in several causes. His most well known songs are the hit songs The Boys of Summer ,All She Wants to Do Is Dance , Dirty Laundry, and The End Of The Innocence

In 1970, he moved to Los Angeles to record an album with his early band, Shiloh. Shiloh's album was produced by fellow Texan Kenny Rogers. Shortly thereafter, Henley met Glenn Frey. They both became members of Linda Ronstadt's backup band. Touring with her was the catalyst for forming the group. As a result, two months later they, along with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, became their own act, Eagles.

Henley's music is often social commentary. One of his more famous songs is "Dirty Laundry" (from his I Can't Stand Still album, released in 1982). Its origins date back to 1980, when Henley was put on probation for possession of a narcotic and fined for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The ensuing media circus and on-air pundits claiming that his career was over led to the writing of the song, which continues to be an indictment against the broadcast news media. Similarly, "Johhny Can't Read" (also from the Can't Stand Still album), continues to resound as a commentary on the educational system.

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