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There are three artists called Dogzilla:

1.) Grime MC hailing from Dagenham, Essex.
2.) Dogzilla were London-based trance music duo Richard Kayvan & Simon Patterson.
3.) Boston-based band, active in the late '80s and early '90s.

1) Dogzilla is one of the founder members of the O.T Crew and was a former member of Pay As You Go.

At the front of the pecking order is Dogzilla aka Dogzy, one of the biggest characters and biggest bar-spitters in the scene. His fast pace and quick wit leaves other MCs trailing behind. Dogzy began the O.T Recording label back in 2005 with Mikee (Da Manager).

Dogzilla or Dogz is O.Ts frontman and one of the best talents in the grime scene. The former member of Pay As You Go has been on Rinse FM for six years now. During that time Dogzilla has consistantly produced great music. He has an amazing talent for storytelling which is shown in the song Never ending story which was a big hit on commercial radio as well as the underground stations but Dogz has a string of great tracks to his name including S.T.D, NightShift and Soldiers. He's performed at all the biggest grime events and worked alongside the very best producers of grime music.

2.) Dogzilla are London-based duo Richard Kayvan & Simon Patterson, a production team responsible for some massive tracks and remixes over the last 18 months.

Their eponymously titled debut was featured in the cult Britflick 'The Football Factory' and was followed by the massive 'Your Eyes’. Thus began an impressive first foray into the club scene which garnered support from household names such as Judge Jules, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and John '00' Fleming..

The trademark Dogzilla sound is birthed from a fusion of dark rock music combined with dance floor sensibility and dynamics. Richie’s grounding in rock production and experimental electronica fused with Simon’s dance music background and knowledge have created this hybrid monster.

Their third and potentially biggest single 'Without You’ is equally monstrous and has the trademark Dogzilla sound which combines the dark side with serious melody and dynamism. It has already reached number 9 in the Coolcut chart and has been featured on 7 compilations this year. 'Without You’ was released on Maelstrom Records on the 31st of October, 2005.

The next step for the Dogz is to take their sound into the live arena. The boys already performed live at Escape Into The Park in front of ten thousand frenzied clubbers.

In 2008 Simon Patterson left the project, practically leading to its stop.

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